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Distinctive Fabric provides a wide array of sequin fabric by the yard at low prices to the public. Sequin fabric is widely used for internal and do it yourself projects involving home decor. Wholesale prices are available upon request. Please call 877.721.7269 for wholesale prices today.
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  • All Over Stretch Sequin 35 Inch

    $45.00 As low as: $36.00
  • All Over Stretch Stripe Sequin

  • Big Dot Sequin 45 Inch

  • Cabaret Sequin on Mesh Lace 55 Inch

    $13.00 As low as: $8.50
  • Chevron Sequin Mesh 58 Inch

    $13.00 As low as: $8.50
  • Circle Dangle Sequin 45 Inch

    $25.00 As low as: $13.50
  • Dangle Sequin 45 Inch

    $19.00 As low as: $11.50
  • Diamond Ruffle Satin Sequins 56 Inch

  • Hologram Square Sequin 45 Inch

  • Jumbo Dot Sequin 45 Inch

  • Lafayette Bloom Sequin Satin 52 Inch

  • Natalie Sequin Mesh 60 Inch

  • Ocean Current Circle & Sequin on Stretch Mesh 54 Inch

  • Retro Sequin Satin

  • Seaweed Sequin 58 Inch

  • Small Dot Sequin 45 Inch

    $6.00 As low as: $2.50
  • Small Matte Sequins on Stretch Nylon Mesh 52 Inch

  • Sun Ray Sequin on Mesh Lace 50 Inch

    $14.00 As low as: $9.00
  • Tear Drop Sequin Spandex Silver / Closeout Clearance

  • Web Weave Sequin Lace 50 Inch

  • Zennia Embroidered Sequin Net Lace 50 Inch

  • ℳ Fantasy Sequin on Stretch Lace

  • ℳ Floral Pattern Sequin on Spandex

  • ℳ Geometric & Abstract Sequin on Spandex

  • ℳ Square Printed Sequin on Spandex Clearance Fabric

  • ℳ Squiggle Sequin on Stretch Mesh & Cotton

  • ℳ Swarming Sequin on Spandex & Mesh

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27 Item(s)

Sequin Fabric


            The circular disk- shaped beads used in sequin fabric are called Sequins. In past centuries, sequins were made from all kinds of shiny metals. In the modern age of 2016 sequin is made from plastic because it is lighter and less expensive. Sequin comes in an assortment of colors and shapes. The most common uses for sequin include shoes, jewelry, clothing, bags and accessories.  Sequin can also be referred to as diamantes, Paillettes, or spangles. Sequin is often a big part of costumes for holiday celebrations because it is a cheery and shiny fabric. When being used in costumes sequin has a hole in the center while spangles usually have the hole in the top are of the disk. Unlike the smaller size of sequin and spangles, Paillettes are very large and flat.  There are 2 ways to stitch sequin: flat to the fabric to prevent movement and potential of falling off, or stitched at only one side which allows them to catch more light and be more reflective. There are some sequins that are made with multiple facets which increases their reflectivity.

            There is some evidence that suggest that as early as 2500 BC in the Indus Valley sequin was used to decorate clothing. Sequin can be sewn onto fabrics such as taffeta, tulle, organza, and cotton. The stretch kind of fabric of sequin that is woven can be used for dressmaking because of its ability to adjust to different body sizes. Some of its general uses include gowns, jackets, skirts, and trousers. Sequin Fabric is great because it can be embellished in detail and it can be cut into many different kinds of shapes and sizes and also applied to other garments. Sequin that is all over is stitched in a way that is organized overlapping row by row in a single color or multi-color way. The two tone effect can be created by brushing the sequin in one direction then again in the next, which creates a contrasting effect of color when brushed in opposite directions.